Scania 250kVA 3 Phase (GKS-265)

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Features and benefits

  • Maximum 265kVA standby power at 230/400v @ 50Hz 1500rpm

  • High quality and reliable five-cylinder 9.3l Scania turbo diesel engine

  • Ideal for business applications

  • Silent canopy which can stand outside with lockable doors

  • Automatic changeover (ATS), maintenance free batteries and trickle charger included

  • Four-way protection system included

  • H-specification insulation, brushless alternator with AVR provides stable output

  • Easy to use digital controller with auto and manual start options

  • All sets undergo a comprehensive testing/pre delivery inspection prior to delivery

  • Peace of mind of earlier of one year/1000 hour warranty


  • Scania heavy-duty diesel engine

  • Five cylinder equipped with wet cylinder liners

  • Engine management system

  • Replaceable wet type cylinder liners

  • 24v DC starter and charge alternator

  • Replaceable fuel filter, oil filter and dry element air filter

  • Cooling radiator and fan

  • Fuel connection hoses and manual sump oil drain valve

  • Exhaust silencer

  • Maintenance free battery including rack and cables

  • Jacket water heater (as option)

  • Scania engine manual


  • Brushless, single bearing system, four poles

  • Insulation class H with circuit breaker protection

  • Standard degree of protection IP21

  • Self-exciting and self-regulating

  • AVR SX440 included

  • Screen protected and drip proof

  • Stator winding with 2/3 pitch for improved harmonics

  • Close voltage regulation


  • Steel chassis and anti-vibration pads

  • Base frame design incorporates an integral fuel tank

  • The generator can be lifted or carefully pushed/pulled by the base frame

  • Includes diesel level sensor information to the controller


  • Ventilation parts are designed with modular principles

  • Weather resistant and lined with sound reducing foam

  • All metal canopy parts are painted by powder paint

  • Panel window

  • Lockable doors on each side

  • Easy maintenance and operation

  • Easy lifting and moving

  • Insulated engine exhaust system

  • Exterior emergency stop push button

  • General specifications

  • Structure type
  • Dimensions Length x Width x Height
  • Dry weight
  • ATS unit included
  • Four-way protection system included
  • GKS-265

  • 265kVA

  • Silent weather resistant enclosure
  • 3400mm x 1400mm x 1850mm
  • 3400kg
  • Engine specifications

  • Engine make
  • Diesel generator model
  • Displacement
  • Cylinder bore/stroke
  • Fuel system
  • Cylinders
  • Cylinder arrangement
  • Engine output power
  • Turbocharged or normally aspirated
  • Cycle
  • Combustion system
  • Compression ratio
  • Diesel tank capacity
  • Fuel consumption 100%
  • Fuel consumption 75%
  • Fuel consumption 50%
  • Fuel onsumption 25%
  • Oil type
  • Oil capacity
  • Cooling method
  • Coolant capacity (including radiator)
  • Starter
  • Governor system
  • Engine speed
  • GKS-265

  • 265-kVA

  • Scania
  • DC09 072-Ref 02-11
  • 9.3l
  • 130mm x 140mm
  • Scania EMS governor
  • 5
  • Vertical in-line
  • 226kW
  • Turbocharged
  • Four stroke
  • Electronic unit injectors
  • 16:1
  • 600l
  • 50.85 l/h
  • 38.14 l/h
  • 26.37 l/h
  • 13.18 l/h
  • 15W40
  • 38l
  • Radiator water-cooled
  • 38l
  • 24v DC
  • Electronic
  • 1500rpm
  • Alternator specifications

  • Alternator brand
  • Standby power output
  • Prime power output
  • Insulation class
  • Type
  • Phase and connection
  • AVR
  • AVR model
  • Voltage regulation
  • Voltage
  • Rated frequency
  • Voltage regulate change
  • Phase change rate
  • Power factor
  • Protection class
  • Stator
  • Rotor
  • GKS-265

  • 265kVA

  • 265kVA
  • 250kVA
  • H
  • Brushless
  • Three phase, four wire
  • SX440
  • ± 1%
  • 230/400V
  • 50Hz
  • ≤ ±10% UN
  • ± 1%
  • 0.8
  • IP21
  • 2/3 pitch
  • Single bearing

Control system

Control supervision and protection panel is mounted on the genset base frame. The control panel is equipped as follows:

Auto mains failure control panel

  • Controller with Smartgen automatic transfer switch
  • HGM7220 electronic controller
  • Emergency stop push button
  • Static battery charger
  • Four-pole electrically and mechanically interlocked ATS

Generating set control module HGM7220 Smartgen features

  • This module is used to monitor a mains supply and automatically start a standby generating set
  • Event logging and shutdown alarms

Metering via LCD display

  • Generator volts (L-L/L-N); mains volts (L-L/L-N)

  • Generator ampere (L1, L2, L3); generator (kVA and kW)

  • Generator frequency; generator (cos)

  • Engine hours run; plant battery (volts)

  • Engine oil pressure (psi and bar)

  • Engine speed (rpm)

  • GSM SMS signal

  • Engine temperature (˚C)

Automatic shutdown and fault conditions

  • Under/over speed; fail to start        

  • High engine temperature; fail to stop

  • Low oil pressure; charge fail

  • Under/over generator volts; over current

  • Under/over generator frequency; emergency stop

  • Under/over mains frequency

  • Under/over mains voltage

  • Low/high battery volts

*All ratings are quoted at maximum ratings at sea level and derating will be applicable for altitude and power factor.

The Generator King (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to change generator information without prior notice. Information is double checked to ensure that it is correct, however The Generator King (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible for clerical  errors. (E&OE)


No, the price does not include installation. Each installation is different and requires a different length  cable. Travel time and distance vary.

All installations need to be carried out  by a qualified electrician who needs to issue a valid Certificate of Compliance (COC) for insurance and to validate our warranty.

No, GenKing are the manufacturers of the gensets units and are the largest wholesaler of diesel generators in Sub-Saharan Africa. Any qualified electrician can do the installation and issue the electrical certificate of compliance (COC).

Quoted prices exclude delivery. Delivery can be quoted separately if you supply us with the delivery location. Our sales team will provide a quote on request and provide logistical support.

Yes, our silent generators all include silent canopies and automatic transfer switches (ATS). Delivery and installation are not included as noted above. Accessories and customisations can be included as required, speak to our sales team for more information.

The warranty is 12 Months or 1000 Hours whichever occurs first and is a limited warranty which covers the replacement of defective spare parts but not the labour or travel. Please refer to our standard terms and conditions for more information.

The pricing is subject to change with no prior notice based on availability and the exchange rate. Any publically available pricing is indicative. Written quotes are valid for 7 calendar days and while stocks last.

All ratings are stated at sea level and de-rating will be applicable for both altitude and temperature variations.

It is important to note that a qualified electrician measures how many Amps per phase you will need to draw on site for your running load and your maximum first-step load.

Do not exceed 50% of the rated load of the generator for your first-step load. Do not exceed more than 75% of the rated load for your running load.

It is also important that your genset does not run at below 50% load as this can cause damage to the engine and other parts.

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