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The Generator King offers the best diesel generator brands for sale at market leading generator prices. We supply the South African and sub-Saharan African markets with diesel generators at highly competitive prices, backed by the best after-sale service in the industry.

We supply top quality diesel generators such as FAW, SDEC, Baudouin, Cummins, Volvo, YTO and Scania at prices that are difficult to beat.

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Assess how much load is being drawn

Sizing Information

Once you know what you need to keep operational during power cuts and loadshedding, write down each appliances load usage (this is a number indicated by watts) and work out the total load by adding each appliance wattage together to get a final figure. This will help you identify which generator to buy and which vendor has the generator for sale.

Appliances and equipment usually carry a wattage rating on the packaging or product. If you are unable to locate it or the label has become damaged you can search on the internet on the manufacturers website to find the rataing or use an electronic clamp meter to measure the current while the appliance is switched on. Measure the current (Amps @ AC current). This can then be used to find the wattage value via this equation: watt = amp × volt. Voltage in South-Africa is AC 220V (50 hertz).

Example: A device that measures 3 amps at 220V = 660 watts.

Electricians and qualified practitioners can measure your power draw directly on your power distribution board. This will yield the most accurate result, so get in touch with an electrician today. Once you have the total power required for your business, factory or home; you’ll have the information needed to make the decision on a backup power generator.

Diesel generators are the most effective backup power sources in relation to cost, reliability and ease of use. For optimal usage and lifespan, ensure that your backup source is capable of providing fifteen percent (15%) more power than your average use load. For example, you have noted your household requires 5000 watts of power. This is 5 kW of power on average. The ideal power source must provide at least 6000 watts (6 Kw) of power.

The reason for the headroom in capacity is for certain appliances such as fridges, which have a higher start up draw when switched on for a short time. Diesel generators are manufactured to handle this brief surge of power but only for a few seconds. It is important to adhere to the manufacturers’ specifications and not to overload the generator.

When you know how much power you need, take a look at our range of generators

Once you know how much power you need and what size generator would suit you best; browse our range of generators and get an obligation-free quotation today. We have smaller, less powerful models available with Petrol engines and medium to large sets available with diesel engines.  Fuel type does not make a difference in the performance of the machine but for silent enclosures a diesel machine is more beneficial and reduces the total running cost of the machine over the period of its life with a higher level of efficiency.