What size generator do I need?

It is extremely difficult to make use of power calculators to determine your requirement as appliances vary in the start-up and normal running load they use. The two best methods of determining your requirement is either to size according to you main circuit breaker size or to have a professional conduct a load test.
Method 1 CB Size: At every home or office there will be a main circuit board with a main circuit breaker that feeds the entire building. It is usually the first place you check when power is off to your home or business. The main circuit breaker on this board will have a rating on it in amps (A). This rating is also the maximum amount of current that can be used by your building and can be used to decide what size generator to install. Contact us with the size of this breaker in amps (A) and we will recommend the appropriate size generator to feed the building.
Method 2 Conduct a load test: Our qualified electricians will conduct a load test and make a recommendation on the best size unit for your application based on the amps measured at your site. We can either recommend a generator that will feed the entire maximum potential of the building or we can also measure which essential appliances you will need and quote to install only those components.