Generators for sale in Zambia

At Generator King we’ve been delivering the highest quality Diesel Generators to Zambia for over 10 years. Get your generator shipped to you within 10 days when from our warehouse located in Lanseria, South Africa.

We have a wide variety of diesel generators for sale across the following leading diesel engine brands.
FAW, Lovol, Cummins, Volvo, YTO Perkins, Scania, Honda

We deliver to Lusaka.

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Diesel Generators in Botswana

Generator King is the only choice when thinking diesel generators Zambia. We have the top brands available in the market today. Our relationships with industry leaders in backup power solutions across the world ensure that you can find the exact power generator needed for any use. As a supplier of these top generator brands, we are able to offer significant savings compared to other suppliers.

Our sales team is always searching for new, innovative power solutions to meet the growing needs of our residential, commercial and industrial customers. If you can’t find the exact solution you need, contact us today and get an obligation free quote for the best diesel generators Zambia.

Browse our range of FAW, Lovol, Cummins, Volvo, Scania, Perkins, YTO and Honda generators.