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At Generator King we’ve been delivering the highest quality Diesel Generators to Zambia for over 10 years. Get your generator shipped to you within 10 days when from our warehouse located in Lanseria, South Africa. We have a wide variety of diesel generators for sale across the leading diesel engine brands.

We deliver to Lusaka


FAW generators are a highly technological and reliable brand, growing quickly in popularity as a brand of choice in generators.

FAWDE engines are used extensively throughout the world in the FAW range of heavy trucks and commercial vehicles it is now being used to power generators.

We have large stockholding and high levels of availability on FAW generators.



Cummins is a world leader in the design and manufacture of diesel generator engines since 1919 and are one of the world leader’s in engine technology.

The Cummins engines are used internationally in trucks, passenger cars, construction machinery, agriculture, generators and more.

Cummins engines are ideal for customers who require high performance and reliable power and cover a wide range of sizes from 42kVA- 1500kVA



SDEC was founded in 1947 and is a generator manufcturer and supplier. They have supplied generators and diesel engines to customers aropund the world. They are ISO9001, QS9000 and TS16949 certified, which is testament to their quality and reliable performance.

These generator sets offer long service lives with great fuel economy. The generating sets can be started by simply pouring oil and coolant into the system and flipping a switch.



Volvo generators (Volvo Penta) are known around the world for their reliability.

Used extensively throughout the world, Volvo powers everything from heavy trucks, commercial vehicles and mining applications.

Volvo generators are a good choice for anyone investing in high-quality standby or prime power applications for business or industrial use. This premium range of engines, power generators from 220kva – 770kva.

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Fingertips Ent
Fingertips Ent
13:21 27 Feb 21
They do what they say.
Dean Lingham
Dean Lingham
09:33 17 Jun 21
Great Service from Bradley!
Teagan Steyn
Teagan Steyn
06:27 25 Jun 21
Bradley’s service is highly recommended. One of the best that I came across.We would be interested in doing more business with Generator King and become their agent or representative in Botswana especially for FAW and Cummins support.Thank you….
Voltmatix Voltmatix
Voltmatix Voltmatix
08:53 26 Jul 21
Quick and efficient response. Good follow-up
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Jan de Raedt
03:18 09 Apr 21
Hi, I am a Lance, a Qualified Fire and EMRS Fireman/ HAZMAT/ BAA ASSISTANT PARAMEDIC/ Fire Tech Engineer, whom ended up severely chronically disabled and retired/ unemployable due to Emotional Mental and Visual and Physical Internal unseen disabilities.Now I do part- time computer clerical assistant work, typing quotations for Ted (SKAKANE ELECTRICAL AND MAINTENANCE) and sourcing information for Ted (SKAKANE ELECTRICAL AND MAINTENANCE) from the www and iot databases. I am doing this at no charge to Ted, as a sort of internship of my own doing, self training- self teaching about the www and iot databases, to try teach myself computers and computing, at age 57 as a disabled man.I would like to publicly state how impressed I am at the speedy response to all my emotionally challenged emails and many thanks for the the kind thoughtful helpful responses I have received from Generator King Bradley Diedericks Sales Division.Most people response to emotionally challenged people like me, is rather cruel at times, however only excellent helpful informative responses have been received from Generator King Bradley Diedericks Sales Division. Thanks a million for helping me see a bit of a rainbow for my future. Kindest regards Lance (AKA Popeye- “A human man who is not without fault or blemish, striving to treat others as I would like others to treat me if I were in their shoes).
Edward Ellis Anderson
Edward Ellis Anderson
21:50 02 Mar 21
Bradley was very efficient and helpful. He explained the details of the product and has given me great service. Thank you.
Ross Lazarus
Ross Lazarus
09:15 20 Aug 21
Hi RuanThank you for your speedy reply and quotation. I have handed the quotation to my Manager and he seems very interested. I will get back to you as soon as I have an answer.regardsGavin
Gavin Wolfaardt
Gavin Wolfaardt
05:16 19 Mar 21