Mobile Alerts GSM

We also assist with customised mobile alert systems to link to data centres to ensure business continuity.

  • Low Fuel Level Warnings
  • Low Battery Charge Warnings
  • Emergency Stop Button Pushed Alarm
  • Water temperature or oil pressure variations
  • Over Under/ Speed Alarms/ Volts/ Amps etc.
  • Municipal, over under frequency or voltage irregularities


We offer class-leading mobile alert systems through SMS communication systems. This enables our customer’s to proactively manage their units. The system comes in a basic and advanced version. The basic version will provide notifications in the case of a power outage and power return. It will also send basic alarm condition notifications. The advanced system is integral to our generator controller unit and can manage key functions.

The advanced system also gives the user the option of starting and stopping the unit from a mobile phone as well as polling the unit for running data i.e. amps per phase, voltage and frequency.

System can send messages to up to 5 people and can be configured to 6 settings against each activity which means you can choose to be notified, sound an alarm, or shut down the generator set for the different conditions.