Stromer Generator Alternator
Stromer Generator Alternator


We are the sole agents for the entire  range of STRÖMER generator alternators in sub Saharan Africa. We have been supplying the alternator market with alternators ranging from 12kVa – 700kVa for over 10 years. The STRÖMER generator alternator brand has built a reputation for stable, reliable and durable power generation in South Africa and across the continent.

All diesel generator sets produced by The Generator King are fitted by default with STRÖMER generator alternators.

12kVA (1 phase)

15kVA (3 phase)

20kVA (1 phase)

23kVA (3 phase)

37kVA (3 phase)

42kVA (3 phase)

45kVA (3 phase)

62kVA (3 phase)

72kVA (3 phase)

100kVA (3 phase)

132kVA (3 phase)

150kVA (3 phase)

180kVA (3 phase)

200kVA (3 phase)

250kVA (3 phase)

300kVA (3 phase)

350kVA (3 phase)

400kVA (3 phase)

450kVA (3 phase)

500kVA (3 phase)

630kVA (3 phase)

700kVA (3 phase)