YTO Diesel Generators
YTO LR6B3L-D (165kVA)
YTO YM6H4L-D (220kVA)
YTO YM6S4L-D (265kVA)
YTO YM6S9L-DB (385kVA)
YTO Diesel Generator Engine

We are the sole distributor of YTO engines in sub-Saharan Africa

Established in 1955, YTO is the leading agricultural and construction machinery manufacturer in China, supplying to more than 100 dealers across the globe.

YTO engines have proven to be reliable, durable, and are easy to operate making them widely used in the agriculture, construction, and transportation industries for more than 60 years.

The state of the art technology R&D centre consists of 11 advanced laboratories, employing top international engineers ensures the quality and performance of the engines.

YTO manufacturing processes are ISO9000 certified and have a thorough quality control system which monitors each phase of manufacturing, from raw material selection, through production, to the delivery to our customers.

These engines are equipped with electronic governors across the full range of 186kW – 370kW engines.

We also provide a full range of YTO spare parts