Lovol Diesel Generators
Lovol 1003TG (50kVA)
Lovol 1004TG (80kVA)
Lovol 1006TG2A (110kVA)
Lovol 1006TAG (145kVA)
Lovol 1106 (200kVA)
GKL-200 (engine detail view)

We are an authorised dealer of Lovol engines in sub-Saharan Africa

Tianjin Lovol Engines Co., Ltd (Lovol) is an advanced technology-orientated company that combines research and manufacturing of engines. The production facility occupies an area of over 100 000m2. Lovol has seven advanced production lines which were imported from UK, USA, Germany, France with an annual production capacity of over 300 000 engines.

Having acquired the technology and experience of Perkins, the company continues to work with leading technical consultancies and science institutions to design and develop engines that have the best technologies in order to meet South African and African demands.

The 1000 Series 1500/rpm engines are ideally suited to genset applications. These engines are smaller and lighter with technological innovations, maintaining the advantages of consistent power generation, environmental friendliness, reliability and easy maintenance. These engines are equipped with either mechanical or electronic governors across the full range of 44 – 158kW engines.

We also provide a full range of Lovol spare parts