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Reliable and durable G-Drive diesel engine providing G-OEMs worldwide with a cost-effective and fully integrated G-Drive product. Whether you need standby/emergency, continuous or prime power, with our engines, you can rest assured there’s a G-Drive product to fit your application. G-drive engines come with the a standard cooling pack, we also supply engine accessories including cooling system, air intake system and air exhaust system.

Advanced design and excellent manufacturing meet the harsh conditions, high strength and heavy load operation capacity. Excellent reliability: using forged camshaft and crankshaft, high-strength cylinder design, many parts cast in the cylinder, high stiffness, high-pressure resistance and longer engine life. Platform mesh honing design of the cylinder liner: applying the perfect geometric structure to effectively prevent oil leakage. Rotor high-pressure fuel pump: lower fuel consumption, and effectively reduce noise.

For the best Cummins generator engines South Africa has to offer, choose our expert team at The Generator King. We specialise in Cummins generators and Cummins Engines for sale in South Africa and provide back-up power at very reasonable prices.

CUMMINS D2-68 (68kVA)
CUMMINS D2-110 (110kVA)
CUMMINS D2-150 (150kVA)
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Whether you need a diesel generator for home, business, or industrial use, these gensets are the perfect fit for the budget-conscious consumer looking for standby power. By choosing one of our generators, you will still enjoy the same build quality and components you’ve come to expect from The Generator King. Get in touch with one of our sales consultants today to get your obligation free quote and peace of mind.

We stock engine parts and spares for the world’s leading brands in industrial power parts, including Cummins engines. Our selection of Cummins engines boasts several quality features, including:

Compact Construction
Stable Performance
High Power Density
Low Noise
Low Consumption
High Dependability

We also provide a full range of Cummins spare parts
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