STRÖMER alternators


We exclusively stock the range of STRÖMER alternators in sub Saharan Africa. We have been supplying the alternator range in power generation equipment for more than a decade. The STRÖMER alternator brand has built a reputation for stable, reliable and durable power generation.

12kVA (1 phase)

20kVA (1 phase)

15kVA (3 phase)

23kVA (3 phase)

37kVA (3 phase)

42kVA (3 phase)

45kVA (3 phase)

62kVA (3 phase)

72kVA (3 phase)

100kVA (3 phase)

132kVA (3 phase)

180kVA (3 phase)

200kVA (3 phase)

250kVA (3 phase)

300kVA (3 phase)

350kVA (3 phase)

400kVA (3 phase)

450kVA (3 phase)

500kVA (3 phase)

630kVA (3 phase)